Digital TV Antenna Installation Brisbane | VAST | FOXTEL | CHRISTIAN TV
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Satellite TV Installation in Brisbane

VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television)
Free to Air TV via satellite. Funded by the Australian government, VAST is a FREE service used in remote or difficult reception areas. All the shows that you know & love, even in HD.
Got a caravan, you can watch TV, from wherever you are, even in the most remote of locations.
From supply of equipment, through to installation, we can help.


We have a great deal of experience with Foxtel satellite services. From a simple dish re-alignment, right up to design & installation of large scale systems in high rise apartment buildings.


With 12 channels on offer, you can enjoy TV from a different perspective to the commercial channels. Christian TV is FREE to view after the initial installation of equipment. If you have an existing satellite dish on your roof you could save on the installation costs.

Get in touch with us, and see how we can help you with Satellite TV!

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