Digital TV Antenna Installation Brisbane | Antenna Repairs & Servicing in Brisbane
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Antenna Repairs & Servicing in Brisbane

We don’t guess… we test!

With digital TV reception, unless you have the right test equipment and the “know how” to use it, DIY fault finding can be a very frustrating & fruitless exercise.

Citywide Antennas & AV use specialist test equipment, combined with our technical & local knowledge, to pinpoint faults both quickly and efficiently with our antenna repair and servicing in Brisbane.

We test all aspects of the digital signal: DCP (Digital Channel Power), BER (Bit Error Rate), MER (Modulation Error Rate), C/N (Carrier to Noise ratio), Spectrum Analysis, Constellation Analysis, RU (Reed-Soloman Uncorrected errors). With our services starting from just $88, why not give us a call. Most problems can be fixed on the spot, saving you both time & money.

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